Here’s The Facts

Better/ More Healthful Source of Iron:
Some cases have shown that red meat is linked with colon and rectal cancer. Leafy greens are an alternative to get non-heme iron that doesn’t increase your risk to develop one of these cancers.

Vegetarianism Can Help Alleviate World Hunger:
Over 10 pounds of plant protein are used to produce 1 pound of beef protein. If we used these grains to feed people rather than all these animals that are being farmed, there would be a lot more nutrients available to those malnourished. Cornell University conducted a study in 1997 that concluded if humans were fed the grain used to feed animals, 800 human lives could be saved from starvation.

Reduces Risk of Heart Disease, getting Type 2 Diabetes, and reduces overuse of antibiotics:
A vegetarian diet lowers blood pressure which reduces the risk of stroke. A vegetarian diet increases glycemic control in people who already have diabetes. Antibiotics are used to treat disease in animals put in confinement for farming, eventually these animals begin to become immune to the antibiotics and stronger ones are needed to be developed as well as the potential spread to humans.


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I'm a Taurus, in my 6th semester at BYU-Idaho, and I'm a vegetarian.

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